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University Profile

Dongguan City University (CityU Dongguan) is an independent undergraduate-level private higher education institution established by Guangdong Hongfa Investment Group Co., Ltd. Formerly known as City College of Dongguan University of Technology, it was approved as an independent college by the Ministry of Education in June, 2004 and renamed as Dongguan City University in May, 2021.

Covering a planned area of 1,228 mu (equivalent to 82 hectares) and a construction area of 440,000 square meters, Dongguan City University boasts convenient transportation and beautiful campus environment near Songshan Lake Avenue (No. 1 Wenchang Road), in Liaobu Town of Dongguan. The construction of the campus attaches great importance to the protection of ecological environment. Built on its original natural environment, the campus embodies a human-friendly design that harmoniously integrates “mountains, lakes, trees, and people” and ingeniously adopts the traditional architectural elements which are typical Lingnan garden style.

CityU Dongguan contains 14 academic units and offers 45 programs for bachelor’s degrees, with 97 specialized laboratories, 218 off-campus field study bases, 24 college-level scientific research institutions, and “industry-university-research” cooperation with more than 20 scientific research institutes and enterprises. The College now serves over 15,500 full-time undergraduate students. Various scholarships and grants, such as Hongfa Scholarship, Outstanding Freshmen Scholarship and Endeavor Scholarship, are set up by the College to reward outstanding students. Also, according to the data released by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, the employment rate of graduates of the university has reached over 98% in recent years.


The university has made remarkable achievements in specialty construction, curriculum construction, teaching research and talent training. Accounting has been approved as the National First-class Undergraduate Program Construction Point and 8 more programs, such as logistics management, have been approved as the Provincial First-class Undergraduate Program Construction Point in Guangdong. Electronic Information Engineering and Accounting have been recognized as Provincial Key Programs, while Insurance, Logistics Management and Security Engineering have been recognized as Provincial Comprehensive Reform Pilot Programs. Business Administration and Finance are accredited as Provincial Key Programs, while majors of Software Engineering, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, International Economics and Trade, Digital Media Art, Financial Management, and Building Electricity and Intelligence are recognized as Provincial Featured Programs. Besides, four courses have been recognized as Provincial First-class Courses, two of which are provincial reform and demonstration courses of ideological and political education.

The university actively implements university-enterprise cooperation and makes concerted efforts to educate students with distinctive enterprises. The partnerships with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Xindao Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Honggao Construction Group Co., Ltd., Vtech (Dongguan) Electronic Products Co., Ltd., and other enterprises have created special classes such as "Huawei Innovation Class", "Excellent Financial Management Class", "Certified Public Accountant Innovation Class", "Honggao Excellent Engineer Innovation Class", "Machinery Innovation Class", and etc., which have greatly improved the quality of application-oriented training of the College.

Academic Research

CityU Dongguan’s scientific research capacity has greatly developed year by year, and its scientific research projects and achievements have been expanding continuously. Up to now, the University has undertaken more than 820 scientific research projects of all kinds, including 3 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2 projects of National Social Science Foundation of China, 1 scientific research project of the Ministry of Education, 96 national authorized patents, and more than 3710 academic papers have been published.

CityU Dongguan has successfully won the second prizes in the 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th Guangdong Province Education and Teaching Achievement Awards; and it has completed the construction of several provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers such as the Experimental Teaching Center for Business Education, the Electronic Information Technology Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and the Engineering Training and Teaching Center.

Faculty Members

CityU Dongguan boasts a strong faculty team of devoted, qualified and experienced academics with a high academic level. With nearly 1,000 teaching staff among whom 88.13% hold doctor’s and master’s degree, the University has consistently developed its high-quality teaching profession, reasonable structure, solid professional knowledge and full of vitality, which provides a firm guarantee for the internal improvement of the University and its quality of teaching and learning.

Social Engagement

Ever since its establishment, CityU Dongguan has actively integrated itself with Dongguan and sought to play its part in the social and economic development of the city. The University has set up 24 scientific research institutes based on the situation of Dongguan, such as the Research Center for the Development and Planning of Higher Education, the Research Center for Intelligent Technology Applications, and the Research Center for Mobile Terminal Multimedia.

International Exchange

The University has made great efforts to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and expand in-depth cooperation with overseas universities. Partnerships and cooperative relations have been established and deepened with more than 20 well-known overseas universities including Midwestern State University in the U.S.,University of Coventry and University of Huddersfield in the UK, University of Canberra and University of South Queensland in Australia, Nambu University in Korea and so forth. Cooperation and exchange programs cover a wide range of forms such as semester exchange programs, "2+2" or "3+1" joint undergraduate programs, and direct admission of master candidates’ program with several universities in Macau.

There are also regular exchange programs involving both teachers and students between CityU and more than 10 universities in Taiwan, P.R.China, such as Chinese Culture University and Tatung University. CityU has provided increasing opportunities for teachers to go abroad (overseas) for training and lecturing, established teacher training institutes abroad, and assigned teachers and administrators to visit, discuss and exchange with peers in the universities in Europe and the U.S., as well as in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao of P.R.China. For students who expect to further their study abroad, CityU has established service centers for consulting and language training, offering courses such as IELTS and TOEFL.